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VED05MJ Series Proportional Valves

VED05MJ Series Proportional Valves

Continental Hydraulics VED05MJ proportional valves have been developed and tested as replacement for wind turbine blade pitch control. Contact us today with your wind turbine make and model to see how Continental Hydraulics Inc. can provide a solution.

Continental Hydraulics VEDO5MJ Series Proportional Valves:

  • Electric Connector Pin arrangement duplicated to match original valves
  • Flow/Pressure gain and response time has been programmed to closely match original valves to keep wind turbine stable
  • Robust Electronics to withstand vibration
  • Technical Support & Availability
  • Competitively priced

Our VED05MJ Series Proportional Valves can be successfully applied on:

  • Mitsubishi – MWT92/2.4 Turbine
  • Mitsubishi– 1000A Turbine
  • Vestas—V80 Turbine**
  • Vestas—V90 Turbine**

**Replaces Vickers Model KBFDG4V-5-2C5ON25-Z-MI-PC7-H7-11-EN125

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