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Variable Volume Vane Pumps

Variable Volume Vane Pumps

Is A Vane Pump The Better Choice For Your Application?

If you have an application with pressure requirements up to 3000psi, a Variable Volume Vane Pump from Continental Hydraulics should be your solution.

Advantages and Benefits of our Variable Volume Vane Pump

  • Low Hydraulic Ripple for precision applications using high speed proportional valves
  • Low Noise
    • Fluid generated – vane pumps incorporate more pumping chambers resulting in low flow/pressure ripples
    • Mechanical – only a rotary motion and no linear reciprocating motion
    • As low as 67 dB(A) at 3000 psi (210 bar)
  • Contamination and Lubricity Tolerant
    • Filtration needs are not as critical as in competing pump technologies
    • Excellent performance with water/glycol, Phosphate Ester and food grade fluids
    • Hydrodynamic bearings – no metal to metal contact for wearing
  • Controllability
    • Stable/accurate – ring motion creates linear displacement
    • Versatile – multiple options and modular design
    • Stackable with full through-put horsepower
  • Suction characteristics allow for tank top mounting
    • Cost & Space Savings vs.  L-Shape Flooded
  • Lower Total Life Cycle Cost
    • Field repairable without special tools

Contact Continental Hydraulics today to learn more about our Variable Volume Vane Pumps!

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