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Proportional Pressure Valves 
Pilot Operated

Mounting Surface NFPA R03 / D03
(ISO 6264-03-04-*-97)

Max Pressure 5000 PSI
(350 bar)

Max Flow Rate 13.2 gpm
(50 l/min)


Continental Hydraulics VER03MP pilot operated proportional relief valves conform to NFPA R03/D03 and ISO 6264:1998 mounting standards.

The VER03MP valves are designed to modulate pressure in a hydraulic circuit directly proportional to the input current to the valve. The valve consists of a proportional pilot relief stage and a main relief stage. The main stage has a spool which is held closed by a spring. System pressure acts on the opposite end of the spool opposing the spring force. When system pressure exceeds the spring force, the valve begins to open. The spring preload sets the minimum controlled pressure. System pressure can be increased from minimum by increasing the pilot pressure which adds to the spring force. The spool will tend to close until the system pressure reaches its new setting.

There are four pressure ranges available: 70 bar, 140 bar, 210 bar and 350 bar with flow up to 13.2 gpm.

It is an internally piloted valve with three drain options – internal through T port, external through A port and external through Y port.

The valve can be driven by a variable current power supply or an external power amplifier card designed to maximize the valve’s performance.

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