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Proportional Pilot Operated
Directional Control Valve

Sizes D05H thru D10 Size

Max Pressure 5000 PSI
(350 bar)

Max Flow Rate 420 gpm
(1600 l/min)


Continental Hydraulics VED*M pilot operated 4-way proportional valves conform to NFPA and ISO 4401 mounting standard.

These valves are designed to control the direction and oil flow rate based on the amount of current supplied to the solenoid. In event of a loss in electrical power, the centering springs will return the valve spool to the center position.

The valve solenoids can be driven by a variable current power supply or by use of external Power Amplifier Cards designed to maximize the valves performance.

A variety of manual overrides and a version with a pressure reducing valve are also available.

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