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Variable Volume Vane Pumps

Is A Vane Pump The Better Choice For Your Application?

If you have an application with pressure requirements up to 3000psi, a Variable Volume Vane Pump from Continental Hydraulics should be your solution.

Advantages and Benefits of our Variable Volume Vane Pump

  • Low Hydraulic Ripple for precision applications using high speed proportional valves
  • Low Noise
    • Fluid generated – vane pumps incorporate more pumping chambers resulting in low flow/pressure ripples
    • Mechanical – only a rotary motion and no linear reciprocating motion
    • As low as 67 dB(A) at 3000 psi (210 bar)
  • Contamination and Lubricity Tolerant
    • Filtration needs are not as critical as in competing pump technologies
    • Excellent performance with water/glycol, Phosphate Ester and food grade fluids
    • Hydrodynamic bearings – no metal to metal contact for wearing
  • Controllability
    • Stable/accurate – ring motion creates linear displacement
    • Versatile – multiple options and modular design
    • Stackable with full through-put horsepower
  • Suction characteristics allow for tank top mounting
    • Cost & Space Savings vs.  L-Shape Flooded
  • Lower Total Life Cycle Cost
    • Field repairable without special tools

Contact Continental Hydraulics today to learn more about our Variable Volume Vane Pumps!

Continental Hydraulics NEW Piston Pump– HPVR Line

Continental Hydraulics has redesigned our HPV Piston Pump family, with the release of the HPVR line.  Highlights of the new design are:

  • Maximum Continuous Duty Pressure of 4000 psi (280 bar)
  • Flow Range of 6-29 GPM, 15cc-65cc
  • Bolt-on Trunnions and Bushings for extended pump life in high cycle applications
  • New 4-Bolt Flange Porting options
  • New Tandem options with metric threads

The HPVR line of pumps have been used in presses, aircraft ground support equipment, and large conveyor lines. Visit our website for complete product specifications or contact Continental Hydraulics today to see where the new HPVR Piston Pumps can fit into your applications.

Explosion Proof – Hazardous Location Valves

Continental Hydraulics offers multiple product options to meet your explosion proof- hazardous location valve applications. Explosion proof valves are used where fire or explosion hazards exist due to presence of flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dust, or easily ignitable fibers. Hazardous Location Valves are recommended, or in some cases compulsory, where a high level of protection from explosion is required.

For Directional Control Valves we offer:

ATEX 94/4/EC and IECex certified from 20 to 290 GPM and up to 5000 PSI

CSA and ATEX 94/4/EC certified from 20 GPM and up to 5000 PSI

UL Certified from 20 GPM from 20 GPM and up to 5000 PSI

Proportional Valves are also available in compliance with ATEX 94/9/EC standards from 20 to 423 GPM and up to 3000 PSI.

Electro Hydraulic Proportional Valves

Continental Hydraulics offers a complete family of electro hydraulic proportional directional flow control valves.  These products provide precise motion control in open loop or closed loop systems.  Valves are offered in industry standard sizes of D03, D05, D07, D08, and D10.  Spool designs offered include position control spools, 2:1 cylinder spools, regen spools, and fail safe spools.  The CHI family of proportional valves includes 5 basic models: “M”, “G”, “J”, “K” and “X”.

The “M” series of valves is the most economical and uses “off board” electronics. The “G” series is the same valve hardware as the “M” valve, but includes on board electronics.   

The “J” and “K” series valves incorporate an LVDT to measure the main spools position.  This design will give quicker and more accurate control of the spool position, for faster and more accurate machine load control.  Step response as low as 15ms.

The “X” Series feature Spool-in-Sleeve design for highly accurate land and linear flow characteristics, improved high performance LVDT, and digital onboard controls.  Perfect for applications requiring high dynamic response, position and force control circuits. Pilot operated “X” series valves incorporate dual feedback.  Step response as low as 8ms.

Visit our website for all technical and performance specifications on our electro hydraulic proportional valves.

VED05MJ Series Proportional Valves

Continental Hydraulics VED05MJ proportional valves have been developed and tested as replacement for wind turbine blade pitch control. Contact us today with your wind turbine make and model to see how Continental Hydraulics Inc. can provide a solution.

Continental Hydraulics VEDO5MJ Series Proportional Valves:

  • Electric Connector Pin arrangement duplicated to match original valves
  • Flow/Pressure gain and response time has been programmed to closely match original valves to keep wind turbine stable
  • Robust Electronics to withstand vibration
  • Technical Support & Availability
  • Competitively priced

Our VED05MJ Series Proportional Valves can be successfully applied on:

  • Mitsubishi – MWT92/2.4 Turbine
  • Mitsubishi– 1000A Turbine
  • Vestas—V80 Turbine**
  • Vestas—V90 Turbine**

**Replaces Vickers Model KBFDG4V-5-2C5ON25-Z-MI-PC7-H7-11-EN125

2018 Toy Collection

Thank you to all of our employees who donated to our annual toy collection! We appreciate your generosity and look forward to making the holiday season a little brighter for the children in our community!

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