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Solenoid Operated
Directional Control Valve

Mounting Surface NFPA D03
– (ISO 4401-03-02-0-03)
Max Pressure 5000 PSI
– (350 bar)
Max Flow Rate 20 gpm
– (76 l/min)


These valves are supplied with a ZINC-NICKEL PLATING making them the perfect choice for mobile and environmental applications that require better protection.

Direct acting, subplate mounted directional control valve, with mounting surface according to NFPA D03 ISO 4401-03.

The valve body is made with high strength iron castings with internal passages designed to minimize pressure drop.

The valve can be supplied for valve functions requiring 2 positions or 3 positions, as well as 3 way or 4 way flow functions.

This valve is designed using DC voltage core tubes.

The DC core tubes will accept any one of the DIN 43650, AMP junior, DEUTSCH DT04-2P coil connections.

These valves are supplied with a zinc-nickel surface treatment suitable to ensure a salt spray resistance up to 600h (test operated according to UNI EN ISO 9227 standards and test evaluation operated according to UNI EN ISO 10289 standards).

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