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VER03M Proportional Pressure Relief Valves
Proportional Pressure 
Relief Valves

Mounting Surface NFPA R03 (D03)
(ISO 6264-03-04-*-97)

Max Pressure 5000 PSI
(350 bar)

Max Flow Rate 1.32 gpm
(5 l/min)


VER03M is a direct operated proportional relief valve, with mounting in compliance with NFPA/T3.5.1 R2-2002 and ISO 6264:1998 standards.

The VER03M valves are designed to modulate pressure in a hydraulic circuit directly proportional to the input current to the valve.

The valve consists of a poppet, seat, spring and proportional solenoid. The spring and solenoid force acts on the poppet holding the valve closed. When system pressure exceeds the spring and solenoid forces, the valve begins to open and modulate P port pressure by discharging excess flow to tank. System pressure can be changed by changing the current to the solenoid.

There are four pressure ranges available: 70 bar, 140 bar, 210 bar and 350 bar with flow up to 1.32 gpm.

Any back pressure in T port is added to the controlled pressure in P port. The maximum recommended T port pressure is 30 psi while the valve is controlling pressure.

The valve can be driven by a variable current power supply or an external power amplifier card designed to maximize the valve’s performance.

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