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Power Units Accessories
Power Units

Continental Hydraulics offers a wide range of accessories that can be either mounted on the power unit, or purchased separately.

Everything from filters and gauges to gear pumps and electric motors can be found in the Accessories Catalog.

A wide selection of heat exchangers and temperature monitoring devices can be selected to remove excess heat from power units and extend the life of most hydraulic components.

Filters, strainers and comtamination in the pumps and valves.

In-line accessories such as relief valves, ball valves and check valves help finish any plumbing needs required for your system.

A full description and dimensional information can be found for each component as well as flow curves, technical data and part numbers on its given page. If additional information is needed, please call Continental Hydraulics.


Since the pump doesn’t have to lift hydraulic fluid, it gets less wear and tear. L-Shaped Power Units are ideal for industrial applications requiring high fluid volume and flow rate. The readily removable tank cover simplifies cleaning or replacing suction strainers.

L-Shaped Power Units are the perfect choice for demanding high production industrial applications.

Typical Applications

Pressing and Clamping Circuits
Door Panel Hemming Machines
Machine Tools and Machining Centers
Chassis Lift Systems
Brick Making Systems

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