Continental Hydraulics Inc. has introduced a new line of directional control valves for mobile equipment and other harsh environments. Continental continues expand our Directional Control Valve line to meet a variety of industry requirements. Unique features that meet the demands of manufacturing and mobile equipment applications requiring better environmental protection.

Outstanding performance include:

  • Zinc-nickel plated valve body sustains 600 hour salt spray resistance; according to EN ISO 9227 and UNI EN ISO 10289 test standards.
  • Valve designed for reducing both physical weight and power consumption without sacrifice of performance.

NFPA D03, ISO 4401-03 mounting

Up to 20 GPM and 5000 PSI continuous 3000 PSI tank port capable

NFPA D05, ISO 4401-05 mounting

Up to 33 GPM and 4600 PSI continuous 3000 PSI tank port capable