Ever thought that hydraulic power might be used to clean up water? Continental Hydraulics designed and supplied power units that provide the muscle to a cutting edge system used for water treatment.

Continental Hydraulics has teamed up with a Distributor to design and supply a custom power unit for a unique application in a water treatment plant. The end customer manufactures a scraper unit that removes sludge from a water settlement basin.

Water is sourced from a lake or river into a settlement basin which allows the sediment to settle out of the water. This sludge is then removed to the end of the basin by the scraper mechanism via hydraulic cylinders powered by the Continental Hydraulics power unit.

This unit is 16 GPM @ 2500 PSI, uses (2) PVX-11 piston pumps and a unique, corrosion resistant paint that provides protection in a challenging environment.

Continental Hydraulics also manufactures pressure compensated vane and piston pumps, standard and custom power units, along with a complete cutting edge line of directional control valves and high performance proportional valves.

We are excited to demonstrate our team approach to system design solutions.



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