The brains of electronics controlling the brawn of hydraulics

  • Single Channel Power Amplifier / DIN coil mounted to single solenoid proportional flow or pressure valve
  • Dual Channel Power Amplifier / Versatile amplifier with wide range of input signals
  • Dual Channel Ramp Amplifier / Switch inputs for ramped motion profile control
  • Closed Loop Pressure Amplifier / Single channel amplifier for PID closed loop control of Pressure | Force | Speed
  • Closed Loop Position Module / Analog command and analog feedback
  • Closed Loop Position Module / Analog command and digital SSI feedback
  • Closed Loop Synchronization Module / Position synchronization of two hydraulic cylinders
  • Closed Loop PID Module / Versatile closed loop PID signal conditioner
  • Valve Electrical Accessories / Programming boxes, cables and adapters

Continental Hydraulics presents a completely new range of electronic control modules.

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